GoodLife: Peninsula Style, Issue 52, Page 118 (transcription)

The LEAP Program at Dromana College Find out how the LEAP accelerated learning program at Dromana College can realise your child s greatest potential.
What is the LEAP Program LEAP stands for Learning Extension and Acceleration Program and is offered to a limited number of very capable and committed students.
Suitable students will have academic skills above those of their age peer group.
How does the LEAP Program work Students stay in the same form group for two years where an environment of high achievement is established and maintained.
The standard curriculum is accelerated and subjects are explored in greater depth.
In Year 9 and 10 each student will be on an individual timetable that caters to their abilities and strengths.
Their timetable will allow them to access the senior school subjects.
Students may subsequently choose to complete additional VCE units, broadening the range of subjects they have undertaken.
In Year 12 the students will have access to the VCE extension studies, which allows them to complete a university subject as part of their VCE.
LEAP Program...
A Teachers Perspective The LEAP program has provided high achieving students with an opportunity to extend their knowledge and skills beyond the mainstream classroom.
Rather than accelerating students by age, this program ensures that students are still heavily involved with social and extra-curricular activities with their peers, whilst providing a challenging curriculum inside the classroom.
At Dromana College we have created a rich and meaningful learning experience for the LEAP students, whilst meeting the core curriculum requirements of the Australian Curriculum.
Using an inquiry-basedlearning approach, each term the students are provided with a guiding question of inquiry.
In the one class, the students learn English, Humanities and Philosophy which have been intertwined to allow for students to move away from the traditional notion of having one subject at a time.
Who should apply for the LEAP Program The LEAP program will not suit every student who is academically talented.
Students need to have a high level of maturity and commitment, and be capable of independent learning.
The student should be eager to learn and capable of working well in group situations.
LEAP participants will still be in a mixedability classroom however, the range of abilities involved will be narrower than is the range found in a mainstream class.
It has been an amazing experience as a teacher to introduce this program at Dromana.
These students have demonstrated a strong passion for learning, a love of reading and exploring new and interesting concepts.
Through our program, the students have been able to bring into the classroom their extensive array of interests and experiences so that the students are learning collaboratively as well as individually.
I have found that the students are thoroughly engaged as they always begin with their own knowledge and skills and then we extend upon this throughout the units of work.
Similarly, the students learn both Mathematics and Science within the one class.
Additionally, the students learn both Indonesian and Japanese, Health and Physical Education and a range of Art subjects over the year.
Placement in the LEAP Program for 2015 is available to current Grade 6 students.
Places are limited and are based on academic merit.
Students must sit an exam in August 2014, and, based on these results, 25 students will then be offered a place in the program in Year 7 at Dromana College.
More information regarding the LEAP Program for 2015 will be available at the Dromana College Open Night on Tuesday 29 April commencing at 7 00pm.
Information is also available on the Dromana College website at 118.indd 1 7 04 14 1 15 PM

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