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Education TIME FOR A CHANGE Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here asked Alice.
That depends a good deal on where you want to go to, said the Cheshire cat.
A career path is a journey and on it there are many changes.
Sometimes we find ourselves at a point in our life when we are ready to try something new.
Knowing what is the right path to take is the key to unlocking a fulfilling future.
How do you get from, Ok, I ve had enough, it s time for a change to WOW, I can hardly believe that I am getting paid for doing work that I love so much Maybe, you have been forced to make a change due to circumstances beyond your control.
This is with out a doubt a more challenging position to be in as there are other factors that need to be faced in the process - between what happened and what you would like to see happen.
Either way, the reasons that ignite the change are the catalysts to a whole range of unrealized opportunities.
Skills are transferable, from one job role to a completely new one, where there is an alignment.
Capabilities are not always known until they have been tested, and new opportunities are great ways to flex those trust muscles and give something a go.
There are 6 key factors in succeeding through change 1.
Vision - clarity and direction will set the way forward.
Ability what you are capable of doing 3.
Motivation determines what you do 4.
Attitude determines how well you do it 5.
Commitment will keep you on course.
Emotional agility navigating the high s and lows In a time of great change, we cannot always control the changes around us.
But we can learn to adapt to change.
A wonderful metaphor for this is the sailor out on the seas, adjusting to the changing weather conditions.
As the wind changes the sailor tacks one-way and then another, while maintaining a course ahead.
We don t become skilled sailors on calm seas.
It is the challenging times that we learn from.
A holistic approach to this maneuver ensures a balanced passage ahead.
By that I mean, identifying your skills and capabilities drawn from your life experiences as well as your professional ones.
People are often surprised to find out that they have many hidden talents that have the potential to be developed into a new career path.
Drawing on our strengths is a great strategy to moving forward.
Options to look for Changing roles within your work place opportunities to work differently Start up a business - utilize your skills, experience and capabilities and make it your own Further your education up skill and learn something new Look into the hidden job market Research on the internet, make some phone calls - you may find businesses will welcome your inquiries Inquire whether an organization will offer in-house training.
Open up your possibilities to working across many industries and vocations I love Albert Einstein s quote If you do what you ve always done you ll get what you ve always got.
Maybe it s time for a change By Sina Summers Career Coach M.
Sci, Grad Dip Career Ed Dev.
sinasummers You can tune in to Navigating Change with Sina Summers every Friday from 12-1pm on RPP 98.7 FM or go to and click on live streaming - Life Skills What s happening at Sages Cottage You might have noticed some recent activity at Sages Cottage Farm in Baxter, people coming and going, an Open Day on 30th of March ..
Since becoming the new custodian, Wallara Australia, a leading edge Disability Service Provider has been working hard with existing and new community volunteers to restore the gardens to their former glory.
The animals are returning - there are 3 rabbits, 3 guinea pigs, 4 goats, including Archie a previous resident, 12 chickens, and 5 ducks.
Chloe the pig will be making a return in the near future and we are hoping to locate a suitable pony.
Wallara has teamed with partner, Going Gourmet , a professional gourmet catering company providing services to corporate and private functions all over Victoria.
Going Gourmet are conducting functions at the property, weddings, team building events, community events that can include Segway s www. /> and to operate a caf , subject to council and heritage approval, later in the year.
Sages Cottage Farm will also be used by Art Haven, a local artists collective, who will run art classes for the public and The Auslan Company www.auslan. /> who will run Auslan sign language courses for the public.
Wallara is an innovative organisation that has been in operation in the Dandenong area since 1959.
Currently, Wallara provides services to approximately 500 adults with disabilities at 30 sites the south east corridor in Melbourne.
Wallara has a person-centred approach to services assists clients to reach their goals.
Sages Cottage has become another site where our people can reach their goals through volunteer helping with gardening and animal husbandry, which includes lots of cuddles.
The chickens at the farm are great producers and the eggs are given to Delicious Options , a supported catering service run by Wallara for use in their products.
RPP FM is your local radio on the Mornington Peninsula covering music, variety, culture, entertainment, local sport, news interviews presented by local talent.
RPP FM broadcasts live-to-air at local major events and with an increase in support and sponsorship from local businesses, the new vibrant RPP FM offers the community a wide variety of listening options.
RPP FM also has a massive performance studio that can record and host a range of musical experiences all in front of a live studio audience.
Station Manager, Brendon Telfer said the station has come along way and the strength behind RPP FM is the amazing team who produce incredible programs backed by a wonderful and reliable support team, working tirelessly behind the scenes.
He added, We are heavily involving and talking to the community with a deliberate presence of the spoken word in programs such as Navigating Change with Sina Summers, Taking Care of Business, Arts About and Soul 2 Soul, and interviews on Breakfast programs including Breakfast with Johnno Marzy, the Breakfast Scoop and Sugar n Spice.
RPP FM - A great way to feel connected to the Peninsula on 98.7FM 98.3FM 112 GoodLife Autumn-WInter 2014

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