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A Salon Designed with You in Mind THE BATTLE OF INDEPENDENCE TIME TO GET ELDERLY PARENTS EXTRA CARE Each year over 5.5 million adults, across Australia are faced with the heartbreaking decision around care for their elderly parents and the situation across the Peninsula region is no different.
Wading through the complex web of support and anticipated resistance to change, leaves many adults prolonging the decision an action that can risk further physical or emotional impairment.
Family members often become primary caregiver as their parents age, however there comes a time when professional support is required.
Aged-care specialist and medical professional, Nick McDonald, says there are signs to indicate it s time to make a change.
Taking care of an elderly loved one can eventually place significant strain on the relationship especially when the carer works full-time, has a young family, or when their parent faces worsening medical conditions such as Dementia.
This strain happens at a time when the bond between parents and children should be deepening - leaving happy, fulfilling memories to treasure, Situations can be made even more stressful when a parent resists change or where one parent is more physically and emotionally able than the other Nick McDonald says, There are multiple options available to families, from traditional nursing homes and aged care facilities, to support available in the comfort of their own home.
Here are some of the warning signs that there may be a need to get an elderly loved one extra care include 1.
Wandering Wandering can include meandering disorientated up and down the street, or ending up in another suburb.
The risk of injury from wandering is high from getting hit by a car or becoming lost, to dehydration and falls from the intense walking.
Skipping meals and medication - The signs of this can include weight loss, out-of-date food left in the fridge and medication left in the pill dispenser.
Aggression - Aggressive behaviour is a common symptom of dementia and it can be in the form of verbal, physical and sexual.
The biggest issue with this is that family members often are at the receiving end of the aggression.
Unexplained bruises This could be from minor falls around the house, which may be remedied by the installation of handrails or ramps.
However, this could also be a sign of a symptom of something more serious like a stroke, blood pressure issues or memory problems.
Financial discrepancies The elderly are commonly targeted for phishing scams, which can lead to significant financial loss.
Unfortunately the embarrassment of losing money can lead to many of those affected not to ask or seek help, making identifying this tricky for other family members.
Refusal to bathe or change clothes This can be a sign that the they can no longer physically complete these everyday tasks and the stubbornness is often down to the loss of pride.
Drastic personality changes This can be in the form of sudden aggression or anger, paranoia that someone is out to get them, or even purchasing and hoarding unusual objects.
You won t find a more experienced or passionate beauty therapist along Main Street, Mornington than Ella Bache s Kellie.
A Beauty Therapist for 25 years, she has owned and operated the Ella Bache on Main Street for over 12 years.
When she started her training with Kellie developed a love for the Classics range which has continued to grow as Ella Bache consistently lead the beauty industry with their innovative and results driven products.
Having been a part of the Mornington Peninsula community for 16 years she is proud to recommend the Ella Bache products to her clients knowing how satisfied they will be.
The salon is designed with the client in mind with large treatment rooms and a separate spray tan room.
She rearranged the salon to cater for client s needs with waxing in the front and facials down the back, to ensure peace, quiet and privacy.
The thing Kellie loves most about her work is that having worked in the same salon for so long she has seen many clients throughout their lives.
She has seen school girls become successful women, wives and mothers.
The therapists working with Kellie at Ella Bache also benefit from Kellie s outstanding product knowledge and experience as she ensures all her therapists work to her professional standards.
Why should I change my skin care routine over Autumn Many clients feel a change in their skin as the weather becomes cooler with their skin feeling tight and uncomfortable.
Just as we change our wardrobes over autumn and winter, our skincare routine should change too.
Even though summer is a time for fun and family in the great outdoors, over exposure to the sun, sand and salty sea water can cause hyperpigmentation, sensitivity and redness.
Ella Bache moisturisers work double duty as hydrating barrier cream and a treatment cream delivering active ingredients to the skin to help with a wide range these skin concerns.
In Autumn humidity levels fall stripping the skin of its natural moisture barrier, leaving skin tighter and dryer than usual.
Dehydration is the major cause of lacklustre skin, fine lines, wrinkles and dull looking skin.
Every skin type can be dehydrated even oily skins.
Dehydration is caused by lifestyle factors, not using the right skin care products, not drinking enough water, use of heating and cooling and a change in of the seasons.
Drinking more water is a good start but the real key to hydrated, plump and youthful looking skin is protecting it from the environment by using the right combination of products for the time of year.
Regular facials will also help skin maintain elasticity and keep the skin looking youthful, healthy and vibrant.
Book a facial today and discuss your skin care needs with our highly trained therapists Sharana , Ella Bache, Mornington .
3 234 Main Street Mornington 03 5975 Your Skin for Seasonal Changes HYDRA PLUMPING FACIAL TREATMENTQuench thirsty, dehydrated skin with deep hydrating grape flower essence, rich in hyaluronic acid.
Skin is left feeling dewy soft, plumped and ultra hydrated.
Time 1 Hr 30 Mins Price 130SENSIBEAUTICS STRENGTHENING FACIAL TREATMENTSpecifically designed for even the most sensitive skin.
Instantly calms, soothes, strengthens the skin s protective barrier, increases tolerance to aggressors and significantly reduces redness.
Time 1 Hr 15 Mins Price 125AROMATIQUE DETOXIFYING FACIAL TREATMENT This facial treatment provides an intensive purifying and correcting effect that reduces inflammations and blemishes from excess sebum production, detoxifies, cleanses and heals the skin.
Time 1 Hr 15 Mins Price 129 101

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