GoodLife: Peninsula Style, Issue 52, Page 053 (transcription)

YVONNE WEST FROM EURO COLLECTIONS Yvonne has created an iconic store in Mt Eliza with clients coming from far and wide to enjoy her exclusive fashion collection.
Having set up shop in Mount Eliza over 46 years ago, she has come to know many clients intimately and dressed them for their most important occasions.
We can help with event and special occasion collections for all ages plus have many quality pieces suitable for everyday wear.
Our age group for clothing ranges from 25 year olds all the way up to 90th birthdays.
says Yvonne.
Having worked with clothing most of her life, Yvonne has the perfect eye to know exactly the right piece of clothing to suit your body shape.
Larger sizes are one of her specialties and it doesn t matter what you pick up, it can always be tailor made in your size to suit your requirements.
We have had the same tailor and tailoress for over twenty years and they can make everything and anything to suit a figure Yvonne says.
The quality and style in this store is incredible and the best part is that Yvonne can do the entire package.....
from selecting the best outfit to shoes to bags and millinery.....everything is here to help you look your immaculate best for special events.
People come in and I can just look at them and figure out what their five best looks are.
Often they re surprised that the first thing they try on actually looks the best and that s what they end up buying.
A garment has to work aesthetically with the fabric....
I know what works as I ve done this for years Yvonne says.
Living on the Peninsula for most of her life, Yvonne also has stores in Mornington, Armadale and Bendigo.
Her son James runs the Armadale shop and is highly regarded amongst his customers with a flair for visual merchandising and wardrobing.
Each store has an individual flavour and many clients can be found visiting multiple stores.
Yvonne s collections are so highly regarded, it s very common for clients from all around the world to contact her for orders.
The collections are hand selected and ordered 12 months in advance with unique combinations of colour, cut, style and fabrication some exclusively for Euro.
Many people visit here from overseas and love the clothing so much they send orders when they return home.
I have customers all around the world in places like London, France or Hong Kong Yvonne says.
She has trans-seasonal collections for travellers and also seasonal clearances at amazing prices.
So if you re like many of us who struggle to know what clothing works best on your figure or which styles will be the most flattering, pop in to Euro Collections and see how amazing you can actually look.
We get heaps of recommendations from people and always have something to suit every figure, shape and size says Yvonne.
Yvonne James At Euro Collections you will find the Couture look without the Haute Couture price. 53

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