GoodLife: Peninsula Style, Issue 52, Page 042 (transcription)

Oh We Do Love to Live Beside the Seaside I consider myself to be very lucky indeed.
Moving permanently to the Peninsula three years ago is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I m reminded constantly about the blessed life I have near the sea.
As time goes on, it seems more and more people are deciding to make the sea change and often convert their holiday homes into permanent living.
Peninsula Link has made travelling easier for those contemplating the big move and with all the wonderful things we have in the region restaurants, wineries, community activities there s no better place in the world to live.
Being a Mum of two young boys still in primary school, there were many decisions I had to make before taking the plunge to seaside life.
Schools and work were important considerations and a great deal of time was spent agonising over all the challenges we would face.
Having spent every holiday and long weekend on the Peninsula since my early teens, the area was very familiar and even my own children knew their way around.
However there s a lot to consider when it comes to moving away from close networks of friends and family and I had to laugh when I came across my carefully constructed list of pro s and con s that I d put together a few months before the big move.
It looked something like this....
PROs of moving 1.
Life will be more relaxing by the beach 2.
The whole family loves the Peninsula 3.
Greater sense of community 4.
More conducive to creative pursuits CONs of moving 1.
It s a long way from family and close friends 2.
No babysitting support 3.
Possibly less work opportunities 4.
Have to find new friends and the kids have to adapt to new school Well the pros were certainly is definitely more relaxing down here and my family does love the lifestyle.
Though it wasn t long before the busyness of life kicked in and between after school activities and work, the household can still be pretty frantic at times.
The greater sense of community was evident from the moment we settled and within a few weeks we knew all the local shopkeepers by name and were even offered loyalty discount cards by many of the friendly traders.
It was amazing how welcome the locals made us feel and this really reinforced our decision to move to this lovely region.
Wide open spaces and fresh sea air definitely encourage a more creative way of life and it s no accident that many artists and writers call the Peninsula home.
The inspirational landscape helps to contribute many imaginative pursuits and provides a rich backdrop for artistic endeavours, including my own writing passion.
Now to the did that pan out Well the fears I had about being far away from family and friends were quickly outweighed by the quality time I am now spending with them every holiday period.
Long visits are now commonplace during school holidays and my old friends often stay for a few nights and we have a really good catch up.
Lots of laughs are shared with some glasses of good Peninsula wine and I feel more connected to my friends than ever before.
Apprehension over babysitting support was also quickly negated as there were great recommendations given by new friends and many reliable names posted on community noticeboards.
As far as work went, all sorts of amazing possibilities opened up once we actually lived in the area.
Many opportunities exist here that don t exist closer to Melbourne and the tourist industry is one area that employs a lot of people.
Having been a writer for many years, my dream was to be able to contribute to some of the local magazines and I feel very fortunate to have secured a position doing just that.
To meet new friends, I decided to volunteer for every activity I could and it didn t take long to find some incredibly warm and welcoming people.
These are some of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met and I feel very privileged to have their support.
And of course my children made friends quickly as everyone told me they would and are growing up in a lifestyle similar to my childhood where they can enjoy the freedom of wide open spaces.
Of course there are still days when life seems a little hard and things get overwhelming.
But living by the beach it s easy to head to the water.....sit, breathe, listen to the sounds of the ocean.....and it s not long before I remember how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful region, how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends around me and how the best decision I ever made was my sea change life - Linda Ryding QUICK PENINSULA FACTS Official population in 2012 was 150,777 By 2031, the population is predicted to increase by nearly 20 34 of the Shires working residents travel outside of the area to work Over summer, the population can increase by around 75,000 with holiday makers Empty nesters and retirees make up 13 of our population compared to only 9 for the same demographic in Melbourne Between 2006 and 2011 the largest change in population age structure was empty nesters retirees, increasing by 3,375 people Why people are flocking to live on the Peninsula The relaxed lifestyle is very appealing.
Easy to commute for work on Peninsula Link, no traffic lights from Rosebud to Tullamarine airport.
Perfect place for retirement with unique luxury developments like Martha Cove, top class retirement villages and many community based activities offered.
Converting your holiday home into permanent living is a great option.
Sensational facilities everywhere cafes, restaurants, wineries, beaches, walking paths, golf courses and other sporting clubs.
Why do savvy investors have their eye on the bayside suburb of Frankston Frankston is a stunning destination and a thriving suburb.
Recently the suburb of Frankston has undergone numerous improvements from roads, public transport to recreational facilities.
This was an initiative of the Frankston Council to help this suburb break through the bad warp, and it s working.
These improvements as well as Frankston sea-side proximity have recently pushed Frankston into the list of Australia s top 50 investment hotspots.
Executive Director of Asian Pacific Group, Jonathan Deague is from the family run property development group that recently refurbished the old Peninsula Centre in Frankston into the now iconic The Peninsula on the Bay .
This once rundown eyesore was transformed into a striking 10 story tower filled with residential apartments and commercial offices all for sale to savvy investors.
Mr Deague spoke recently of his family s reason for developing a property in Frankston, Our family business has been running for over 150 years and we ve staked our success on knowing when we should be getting into the right suburbs before they boom.
We saw the signs early and knew Frankston was a good suburb to get into and it s already been showing the positive growth signs we had planned for The Peninsula on the Bay is a multi-purpose development and currently sits at an occupancy level of just over 90 .
The ground level includes fully furnished Serviced Offices available for lease and purchase as commercial investments.
Levels 1 to 4 of the building are serviced apartments run by world renowned serviced apartment operator Quest, and the remaining top levels are mainly one and two bedroom apartments that are leased out to residential tenants and available for purchase to owner occupiers and investors.
Peninsula on the Bay part of Asian Pacific Group 435 Nepean Hwy, Frankston Phone 03 9863 7300

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