GoodLife: Peninsula Style, Issue 52, Page 010 (transcription)

Locals Hooray It s Mother s May WITH KAREN TATMAN A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, good and kindly Queen decreed that a single day was by no means adequate to celebrate the myriad ways that mothers young and old make the world a better place.
Therefore , said good and kindly Queen I declare that from this day forward, Mother s Day is to be replaced with Mother s May an entire month dedicated to paying homage to mothers, making them feel special, loved and appreciated.
In addition All mothers will be granted new shoes, a foot massage, a magnum of good bubbly and a packet of Jam Fancies that never runs out .
Oh alright, I made that last bit up.
But only the last bit told you she was kindly All the mothers briefly paused from the their labours and clapped their hands and rejoiced before returning to the thankless task of trying to get the mud stains out of the white footy shorts.
But as they scrubbed, they smiled quietly to themselves and started making a mental short list from which to choose their lovely new shoes.
The end.
So now, with Mother s May rapidly approaching, it s time to start planning some special treats for the wonderful women in your life.
A quick flick through the pages of this issue of Good Life will give you plenty of food for thought and speaking of food, nothing says Thanks Mum quite like a meal cooked by someone else, so make sure you get in early and book a leisurely brunch, long lunch or special evening at one of the Peninsula s amazing array of cafes, restaurants or wineries.
Other thoughtful ways to say thankyou might include a gift voucher for a relaxing spa treatment and the necessary time off to enjoy it before it expires , a special something in the right size of course from her favourite boutique or for sporty adventurous Mum perhaps a round of golf with the girls or a horseback trail ride along our stunning coastline but don t forget to run her a bubble bath when she gets home if she s out of practise But the key to a successful Mother s May is to spread the joy across the entire month with plenty of small thoughtful surprises and some extra hugs along the way enjoy AT LEISURE In Praise of Autumn WITH KAREN TATMAN Well thank goodness that s over.
Summer I mean.
It s all well and good for you beach loving, tousle haired, golden limbed types but for those of us of freckly Celtic origins that tend to come over a bit Wicked Witch of the West in the heat, the lazy, hazy days of summer tend to be endured rather than enjoyed.
Surrounded as we are some of Australia s most beautiful bay beaches and magnificent stretches of ocean coastline it s easy to see why the Peninsula shines in summer.
But when the visitors return home after the Easter break, they re actually missing the best bit our superior season, the glorious mellow days of mid-autumn when the days bask in a gentle golden glow and the evening chill brings blessed restful repose.
See, I really do love autumn on the Peninsula it makes me come over all poetic like.
With the summer holidays now a distant memory and our wallets still recovering from Christmas and all the back to school expenses, autumn provides a wonderful opportunity to get out and explore our own backyard .
On foot, on bike or from the comfort of the family sedan there is so much to enjoy so close to home.
So what will it be today A bracing ramble along the coastal walking trails Freewheeling along the Bay Trail Or will you head for the hills Or simply indulge in a leisurely latte at your favourite caf With each of our sleepy seaside towns, hinterland havens and vibrant coastal communities enjoying their own distinct personality, you could even plan a whistle-stop tour taking the time explore the myriad attractions we tend to drive past en route to school or work.
And because it s a bit quieter at this time of year it s a win win for both us and the operators who still have bills to pay when the tourists go home.
So grab a jumper, just in case, and get out and explore your own backyard, we re a lucky bunch you know and autumn is perfect time to remind ourselves just why we choose to live where we do.
Great Gift Ideas...
Peninsula Hot Springs Gift Certificates give thousands of mums the opportunity for a unique relaxation experience every year.
Pamper packages are valid for 12 months, so Mum can book a time that suits her, coming away feeling renewed and refreshed.
Gift certificates are a fabulous idea and of course are not limited to Mother s Day - perfect right through the year and even for Dads New this year is the Moroccan Body Cocoon and Facial package which starts with a salt and sugar scrub to renew the skin, then a nourishing Rhassoul clay mask.
This is followed by a detoxifying facial and an Argan oil scalp massage while cocooned, before the clay is rinsed away to reveal deeply cleansed, healthy skin.
Also popular as gifts are Dine and Bathe packages NEW ALSO TO THE SPA DREAMING CENTRE IS A SUNLIGHTEN INFRARED SAUNA.
Available to Spa Dreaming Centre bathers, the sauna has multiple health benefits including detoxification, cardiovascular heatlh, skin health, pain relief and relaxation.
Spa Dreaming Centre bathing is in a tranquil area where many visitors plan to bathe before or after treatments.
Bath House bathing is in a more social, family friendly area with more than 20 pools.
Gift Certificates for either or both bathing areas are also available online for Mother s Day Phone.
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