GoodLife: Peninsula Style, Issue 45, Page 120 (transcription)

home and garden We all understand the importance of family, home and the four walls in which we live.
Maya Angelou, American poet and author once wrote I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself .
So what is this continued yearning we have to return home and shut out the world Well it s a place where we can kick off our shoes and be ourselves it s a place where we can walk around in a track suit and designer Ugg boots and not be judged it s a warm place where family and friends gather to share love and laughter and most of all it s a place where the heart is.
That s all nice to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling but what about the bricks and mortar side of the subject Storybook Designer Homes on the Peninsula have been building and renovating homes for the past 20 years and owner Phil Malcolm and his 14 professional team members say a lot should be considered when planning a building project.
With his hands on methodology he is involved in every project and understands that a home is an extension of the owner s character and personality.
Phil fully understands design and believes it pays off by putting in a lot of time and energy at the beginning of the project so people understand the involvement of bringing a project to completion and for accuracy in costings.
Storybook provide a complete service where they integrate creative design work with client requirements, which is influenced by budget, and clients do their wish list that Phil closely interprets as the finished design.
Phil explains, Builders don t build houses, Builders simply coordinate tradespeople, they do the technical side of things and coordinate.
That is where Storybook is different.
The advice Phil gives when looking for a builder is that it s important to do research and use one who has worked in your area, like Storybook to achieve a successful result.
After the initial time is put into meeting the client to ascertain their design dream and getting to know what moves them, Phil and his team get busy and provide 3D images of the design which gives the client a more realistic and visual opportunity to see the house from all angles and to really get a feel for space and accurate dimensions, scale and proportion, almost like virtual reality.
You can see the attention to detail, you get a feel of what it would be like to sit on the decking, people need help when it comes to visualizing their design.
We are a family business and follow our philosophy which is if we can t help people then we ve failed.
We invest in the client s initial plans in order to get results and we deliver functional and beautiful homes within the limitations of the client s budget, and my way of thinking is not going ahead with a project until I understand everything, that s how I am.
The 3D designs are handed to the client to go away and digest and they are supplied with all the information and details to can make changes.
The project only goes ahead when the client understands all processes.
Storybook can arrange all permits, soil testing, site evaluations and legal requirements to get the project started.
They also help with the purchase of land to build upon.
Budgets are always challenging because clients sometimes can t have what they want but with Phil s experience and expertise and 4,000 homes completed and 2,000 designs under his belt he knows how to achieve a look the client will be happy with.
Budget blowouts are a consequence of not planning ahead and can be avoided by using Storybook who understands all problems and costings.
Energy saving policies in place has impacted on the cost of new home builds and renovations and heat loss and cooling, especially through large windows has a direct association with design and aesthetics.
Phil exclaims, High energy wastage has impacted dramatically on design and has killed a high degree of skill and creativity but because Storybook solve problems and has a lot of experience working within the energy level ratings we can provide the best possible outcome without compromise and sacrificing character and good design.
With Storybook s experienced designers, a high level of intuition has developed and is applied in the design process and even though it s challenging it does work.
We will always ensure pride of ownership is upheld and keep the resale value of the property in mind.
New fire policies also dictate what design and materials can be used in a home build or renovation to the point where some councils will not let people build on their land.
People need to do homework with due diligence and Storybook work with people from the start even before buying land to help them through the process.
When asked about Phil s favourite room in the home he explains, It is invariably the living room area.
It should have a lot of drama and full of beautiful things, it s all about celebrating your home, it s a social place, you invite people in to make them feel special, it should feel fabulous and have romance, entertaining is very important to me.
Phil and his team are very proud and passionate about their work and business.
Every design is unique and special like the client.
There is no better job than creating for people and solving problems for them.
We are helping people where their family will live, where they will entertain friends and family and where they are going to experience life and things.
We keep them on budget and ensure they love their home.
Storybook has a great reputation, and people love Storybook homes.
Storybook are crazy about their designs and to see the transformation of a home build or renovations is magic.
And providing 3D images as part of their service sets them apart from other home designers and builders which is why Phil says Storybook is the best in Australia Storybook makes a house a home.
- Debra Mar Living with La Petanque La P tanque Living in Flinders, created by Judy Marquet, was converted from an existing Flinders house into a quirky Emporium.
Each room has a different theme.
In one room you will find stunning Australian and European women s clothing and scarves, including designer labels Aldo Martins and Jac Jack.
In the next room, beautiful French leather handbags and wallets by Groom of Paris, amazing jewellery from all over the world, Paris Mode Acetate Hair clips and a great range of skincare, scented candles and fragrances by L Occitane from the South of France.
On the verandah and moving into the other side of the house, is a stunning range of contemporary designer Bean Bag Furniture for indoor and outdoor use by Ambient Lounge.
They also have amazing Scandinavian designed home wares, combining design and function and beautiful Fink Co.
anodized aluminum jugs.
This is the ideal place to find a unique gift for man, woman or child or just to treat yourself.
There are far too many fantastic things in this store to mention and it is definitely worth a visit.
39 Cook St, Flinders - 03 5989 0227

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