GoodLife: Peninsula Style, Issue 45, Page 097 (transcription)

It all started off when I rang the Melbourne School of Fashion to ask about their selection process to enrol into their Bachelor of Design and Management course.
I had to ring them to find out if they allow for unscored VCE applications or if they would accept folio and interview-based applications.
They told me that they do not base applications on ATAR scores, but were interested in the student s aspirations, talents and experience.
Actually, that s not really the start of it all.
It really started in 2010 when I began my Fashion and Design course at Elisabeth Murdoch College.
This course is based on pattern making, identifying fabrics and materials and learning the skills of using sewing machines and the overlocker.
Well, maybe it didn t start there either.
Maybe it was the city life and fashion that I love.
I love how the city always has a different look of style, fashion and colours and every time I go to the city there is a different look again, and keeping up with fashion trends really inspired me.
Or maybe it was watching the TV series Gossip Girl filmed on location in Manhattan New York and watching all the different styles and fashion trends change constantly throughout the series.
I love how it fashion constantly changes and how fashion is fast in America.
It has made me want to travel there and experience fashion for myself when I finish Year 12.
Whenever it all began, all I know is that the next stage of my journey starts in 2013 at the Melbourne School of Fashion where I will be studying a Bachelor of Design and Management over the next three years.
In my first year of study I will concentrate on basic fashion and design pattern making, drawing, sewing and over locking and creating a line of clothing that will inspire.
During the second year of study I will be learning how to run a successful business profits, budgets, shopping for material and fabric and in my final year I put a clothing line together which will be presented at our at a Fashion Parade on our Graduation Night.
The Fashion Parade, attended by invited family and friends, will showcase the students collections which have been put together over the three years of the course.
Two weeks after my big news of being accepted into the Melbourne School of Fashion, my best friend, who is moving to Los Angeles in October, invited me to stay with her for three weeks in early February 2013.
An invitation to experience the fashion, shopping and culture in another country is a dream for me, so I will be living the dream before I start my design course in March 2013.
- Taylah Ward, Year 12Making For further information and personalised tours please contact the college.
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