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Young Round Square 2013 Conference to be held at Woodleigh School What is Round Square In early 2010, Woodleigh School were excited to be accepted into Round Square.
Round Square is a worldwide association of over seventy schools from each inhabited continent which share a commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility, service, challenge, adventure, and international understanding.
Round Square, however, is much more a philosophy than an organization.
Students are the crew and not the passengers of a school, and should therefore be given genuine responsibilities over the running of the school community.
- Kurt Hahn The overriding philosophy is to ensure the full and individual development of every student as a whole person through the realisation of academic, physical and cultural aspirations.
It is a best practise example of how young people can be educated on the basis of tolerance, respect and mutual understanding.
Whilst most of the member schools are highly individualistic, they find common ground, particularly in concepts like service to the community, adventurous activities and the furthering of international cooperation.
Woodleigh School is hosting the 2013 Young Round Square conference with Billanook College next year.
The theme that we, the organising students have nominated is Second Chance For Change .
Second Chance For Change Well, it s about if you had a chance to change something, what would you change Each day during the conference we will do activities which explore the Round Square IDEALS of Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service.
After we came up with the theme, we brainstormed ideas of what we should do at the conference.
Student delegates from schools across Australia, Thailand and Singapore will be attending the conference, and we want to introduce them to the city, and our home, the Mornington Peninsula.
We are really enjoying these Young Round Square Meetings.
They give us the chance to think interdependently, working in groups and making new friends.
Being part of this planning committee is taking us out of our comfort zone, encouraging us to think flexibly and try new things.
We can t wait for the conference to start, with an Amazing Race across Melbourne to begin, it s going to be an awesome week Maybel, Dylan, Shelby, Maks, Amber Quincy Year 5 PICTURED In casual clothes and brightly coloured scarves, this Woodleigh School team of Year 7 Da Vinci Decathletes did blitz their blazered rivals.
Winners by a total of 80 points, and on the podium in 7 of 10 disciplines, Harriet Carter, Alex Ferguson, Felix Friedlander, Kaya Grocott, Katie Lee, Ella McCarthy, Eliza O'Connor and Heath Thomas Hunt did themselves proud.
They're off to the Knox School, Sydney in September for the national final, at which time their teamwork, energy and endless determination will ensure they are tough, TOUGH To beat.
Driving toward their future Mornington Peninsula Shire s L2P - Learner Driver Program is extending to the southern peninsula.
Shire Mayor Cr Frank Martin said the Shire was pleased to now offer two vehicles to support young learner drivers who have limited or no access to a supervising driver or a vehicle in which to learn to drive.
The program has been a great success in the Hastings area, and we can now expand the program to learner drivers from the southern peninsula who have limited or no access to a vehicle or supervising driver, he said.
He added that volunteers are a vital part to making the program effective.
Volunteers donate their time to support the learners and supervise their 120 hours of on-road driving practice, using the vehicle provided by the Shire.
Without the assistance of volunteers this program for young people would just not be possible.
We warmly welcome any fully-licensed drivers who may be able to assist local learner drivers get behind the wheel to get involved and volunteer in this community project.
Learners who have limited or no access to a supervising driver or vehicle, or fully licensed drivers who can contribute a minimum of an hour a week to help disadvantaged young people to gain 120 hours of on-road driving experience should contact Jackie on 5950 1666 to see how they can become involved.
The L2P program is a TAC funded, VicRoads managed learner driver mentor program.
Photo The Shire s L2P program is now available to learner drivers on the southern peninsula.
For more information about the program or to volunteer as a mentor driver, please contact Jackie on 5950 1666.
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