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Vegetables For ordering contact us 03 5971 4466 Fri 8-5.30pm, Sat Vegetables For ordering contact us 03 5971 4466 Fri 8-5.30pm, Sat the peninsula s own craft produce markets Red Hill Community Market est 1975 Sept to May first Saturday monthly 8am to 1pm Parking 4 Red Hill Recreation Reserve Mel ref 190 J3 Mornington Racecourse Market usually 2nd Sunday monthly all year round 9am to 2pm Parking 3 .
Check website for dates.
Special Easter Saturday Market - March 30th 2013 , 11am to 4pm Parking 4 Growers of Organic Farm gate sales PENINSULA FRESH ORGANICS At our family farm located in Baxter, we grow CertifiedOrganic Vegetables, including heirloom varieties.
We attend many local Farmers Markets with our ownproduce and provide a home delivery service of bothorganic and conventional produce to the Peninsula onMondays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Whether you area permanent resident, holiday maker or restaurant business, we can deliver to you.
Wholesale retail at very competitive prices Chicken manure also available Cnr Eramosa Rd West Binnak Way, Moordooduc enter by Binnak Way ph.5977 5405 gourmet produce wine The Mornington Peninsula is a perfect hunting and gathering ground for those who are passionate about food and wine.
Everyone who either lives on the Peninsula or visits celebrate produce grown or made here and the general stores and gourmet deli s promote and support local producers.
Somers General Store is a destination you need to add to your list of must visit .
While you experience the nostalgic feel of a coastal general store, creator and owner Leisa Wharington proudly offers scrumptious build your own breakfasts and inspired lunches 7 days and dinners on Saturday nights.
Sit amongst her eclectic collectables that cocoon you in a bygone era while you chat and drink coffee around an open fire.
Her store also offers fresh staple produce and locally homemade condiments to satisfy the foodie in all of us.
The locals love this place Try coop to kitchen , fresh free range eggs from Somerville Egg Farm, the home of contented hens.
Serve lovely gooey eggs with soldiers at the weekend breakfast table or reach for your favourite cookbook and bake to your heart s content.
Search the shelves at good deli s and general stores for Somerville eggs.
In Baxter swing by Peninsula Organics Farm gate on either Friday or Saturday morning 5971 4466 and fill a basket brimming with seasonal fresh local produce.
Our amazing Mt Eliza Village Fruits, Marketlife Rawlings in Mornington - are proud supporters of local , fresh is best produce and all are open 7 days for your convienience -Debra Mar A breath of fresh air on the Peninsula Looking for a revitalizing open and packaged fine foods along with air shopping experience Grab fresh seasonal produce.
Give those a basket or large bag, come with shopping legs a rest, sit and listen to an appetite and get acquainted live music in a relaxing atmosphere with the diverse range of skilled and of course there s face painting crafts people who make up the and an animal petting farm to keep Peninsula s premier markets.
the kids entertained.
Soak in the amazing blend of colour, Contemporary or traditional, texture, aromas and laughter by whatever your tastes may be, there s taking a leisurely stroll through the something unique for everyone.
abundance of Australian Made inspirational arts, crafts, fashion and Check out dates of the next market diverse home wares.
hosted by Craft Markets Australia by Experience a true celebration for visiting or the senses with appetizing gourmet call 0412 839 417 for delights, delicious take away fare more information.
phone 0412 839 417 for more information Dogs are prohibited at all CMA markets 84 GoodLife -Spring 2012...
august, september, october.
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