GoodLife: Peninsula Style, Issue 45, Page 013 (transcription)

I000 FREE MEATBALLS opening day giveaway - follow us on Facebook to start the countdown Have a ball this Spring Like us on Facebook during the month of August September and you shall receive 50 off your first meal Voucher to be emailed directly .
Additional goodies will be communicated via Facebook so join our Ballicious community now Do you like meatballs Would you eat Spaghetti Meatballs Would you dare to try various Meatballs smothered in sauce Do you have the courage to challenge your taste buds Perhaps sample something exotic such as Moroccan Meatballs Meat Balls Down Main What if I told you there are at least 200 ways to eat meatballs on this planet What if I told you close to 2 million people search for a meatball recipe each month on Google That s the entire population of Australia, once every year OK, so how about if I told you Obama, yep that dude over in the USA, staked a claim during a recent State Dinner speech that his most treasured childhood memory was Meatball Soup Interested Hungry even Now what if this was all in a funky, cool, hip yet casual and down to earth venue Would this entice you Yes The doors shall be opening soon at 2 Balls Restaurant.
A temple devoted to the Meatball.
Owners Candice Denis have devoted over 2 years researching all things Meatballs.
They have minced, mixed, tested, moulded just about anything to create a menu of Meatballs.
At one stage housing over 400 meatballs.
So what may you find at 2 Balls There are the classics Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb and, of course, Spaghetti Meatballs.
Sliders, a perfect snack.
Naked Balls, that is, meatballs doused with a choice of 5 sauces, from classic Tomato, Spicy to Cheesy B chamel.
Then there the exotics Duck Meatballs, Moroccan and Thai Chicken.
Still interested How about Meatball Soup, Smashed Balls and a Classic Crusty French Baguette filled with your favourite balls and sauce.
Vegetarian balls are also on the menu.
In addition all balls are 100 preservative free, gluten free and for those with peanuts allergies 100 free of nuts what Balls with no nuts Are you willing to accept our invitation and dare to experience our Meatballs So join our Facebook page now and why not tell us what your favourite Meatball is or even as Obama says how you enjoy consuming them Yes We certainly are looking forward to seeing you soon in our new temple of Meatballs The Beauty Candice 'Meat' the 'Balls' The Chef Russell The Brains, Denis

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